Swtor two planet’s storylines

In Star Wars: The Old Republic you will find that a lot of roleplayers hang out at the bars. This is frequently called cantina RP. It’s an easy meeting place for RPers, and it allows for many different types of interactions. My character is a Sith, so I don’t hang out there a lot. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t watch from afar. At which cantina should you start? There are three primary cantinas and two secondary cantinas on roleplay servers.
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If you’ve completed the first two planet’s storylines then you’ve seen the major cantinas for the Republic side. The fleet is the first and most obvious meeting place for Republic roleplayers. In the center of Carrick station sit four bars next to the VIP lifts. However, the specific bar that the roleplayers are hanging out at varies from day to day. The secondary location for the Republic that seems to be picking up steam is Dealer’s Den. This bar and restaurant sits in Coruscant’s Old Market district. If you’ve played a Smuggler, then you know that this is the place where you meet Darmus Pollaran.

The Imperial side also has a bar in the middle of Vaiken station. Many of the Imperial roleplayers can be found talking about the latest gossip there. Similar to the Republic side, another cantina frequented by roleplayers lies on the second planet: Dromund Kaas. The Nexus Room sits to the west of the main square and the Imperial Agent’s storyline passes through there as well as a side quest that starts with Minder Twenty.

The last cantina is, of course, the Slippery Slopes found on Nar Shaddaa’s Lower Promenade. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) brand new players cannot get to this cantina until they have access to a ship, which doesn’t happen until about level 16. (Pro tip: if you have someone carry you through the story quest, you can gain a ship at level 11, but this is not recommended.)