SWTOR Tips for New Players

If you have ever noticed the listing of the Star Wars The Old Republic in this whole summer, you must be exciting about this game so much. If you are a green hand of this game, you may want to know many tips to level up your role as fast as possible to experience more wonderful plots in the upper level. In order to make every new player enjoy SWTOR quickly and easily, here are some tips for you as guides to develop very well in the game.

1. create your own hero based on the classic SWTOR roles
When you enter the game, you need to create your own hero based on the classic Star Wars roles. You can choose to be Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, Bounty Hunter or smuggler. Your path in the game will be determined to be Light or Dark. When you decide your role in the game, different missions, armor and skills will be given accordingly. Taking Jedi Knight for example, you’ll be playing a Jedi Knight storyline and fight with your enemies with a Lightsaber and by using the Force.

2. Customize your characters with new Cartel Market consumables
Here’s a piece of big news for you if you are a fan of dyeing items. You can recolor nearly any piece of gear in this game. From the game update 2.1: Customization, players are given the chance to customize characters according to his or her taste. You can even change your physical appearance, character species and names within the help of Appearance Designer Kiosks.

3. choose a suitable guild to join in when your level comes to 15
If you are players who are interested in solo, you’d better read or watch the trailers of update 2.2: Operation Nightmare. There are abundant rewards if you decide to join into a guild or recruit a new member into your guild. What’s more important is that when your level comes to 55, you’ll meet different challenges, including 12 nightmarishly bosses and troops of mercenaries and beasts. More cooperation and coordination are required if you want to achieve the cap level as early as possible. Hence, find a suitable guild to join in from the very beginning would give you more time and chance to reach a tacit understanding with your team mates.

4. transfer your characters according to your own will
From the official news set by Bioware, we also notice that players will be given the chance to transfer their characters very soon by using a certain amount of acceptable Cartel Coins. Transfer your roles into a new server means your characters would get more advanced than before. More new skills will be your valuable tools in your leveling up process.

All in all, SWTOR is not only a game but also a chance for you to make your hero dream come true. If you want to explore in the galaxy, you need to face various turmoil from different alliances. Your sage begins when you set foot on the vast galaxy.