SWTOR The tips on SWTOR Mission Skills

Do you know what Mission Skills is? If no, please follow us, today we will tell you

something about mission skills.
Mission Skills are part of Crew Skills consist of four sub professions. These skills

are used to send your Companion characters on various missions to recover

information, hunt down loot, or complete other goals to bring you rewards.
This gives your character the ability to negotiate with others which can really help

you persuade others into giving you more power and respect.
There is a possibility that this mission skill will allow you to discover rare

Treasure Hunting
This gives you the ability to recover valuable items by investigating different

clues. Working out these clues will award you with many different items which will

benefit your character.
Underworld Trading
Will be some sort of smuggling missions for companions.

The missions that you take part in, as well as information can be used in the open

market so you’ll get more SWTOR credits and profits from them. You can also use the

items, like crafting it on to your own character.
Each companion has bonuses for two skills so it’s most likely you will assign

missions based on that. The resulted rewards and benefits can come under many forms

starting from crafting materials, gems and lockboxes up to Companion gifts and Light

side or Dark side points.

Just like for the other skills, companions will carry out missions in their own time

and will return with the rewards when they are done. Since Mission skills have no

limitations per player you can fill up the three skill slots with Mission skills.

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