SWTOR The tips about SWTOR Matrix Cubes

SWTOR will be released immediately, and do you know what the Matrix Cubes are? And

which one consists of that, today we will give you a detailed explanation. And we

also offer SWTOR power leveling for you to save your time and energy to enjoy the

adventure journey.

We have introduced something about Datacrons, and today we will tell you something

about SWTOR Matrix Cubes, and the Datacrons can either provide a permanent boost to a

star or a Matrix Shard which can be used to create Matrix Cubes.

Now we will try our best to let you get a better idea on how to create Matrix Cubes

with Matrix Shards, what is the purpose of Matrix Cubesalong with detailed

information that will guide you into using them properly?

The significance of Matrix Cubes
Matrix Shards come in four colors: red (Strength), blue (Willpower), yellow

(Endurance) and green (Aim/Cunning). By using three Matrix Shards you can create a

Matrix Cube. Currently, there are four tiers of Matrix cubes at levels 15, 24, 32 and

50 and it has been noticed that high level cubes are made from shards of same color,

while lower levels from two or three color combinations.

Here is the currently known list of Matrix Cubes color combinations:

Level 15
Blue, Yellow, Green = 8 Strength, 18 Endurance
Red, Blue, Yellow = 11 Strength, 15 Endurance
Red, Blue, Green = 15 Aim, 11 Endurance
Red, Yellow, Green = 15 Endurance, 11 Willpower

Level 24
Blue, Yellow, Yellow= 11 Aim, 24 Endurance, 9 Defense
Green, Blue, Blue = 17 Aim, 22 Endurance, 6 Crit
Green, Yellow, Yellow= 22 Endurance, 17 Cunning, 6 Crit
Red, Blue, Blue= 16 Endurance, 23 Willpower, 5 Crit
Red, Yellow, Yellow = 23 Strength, 16 Endurance, 5 Crit
Yellow, Blue, Blue = 11 Strength, 24 Endurance, 9 Defense

Level 32
Blue, Green, Green = 14 Aim, 33 Endurance, 8 Shield, 10 Defense
Blue, Red, Red = 22 Endurance, 29 Willpower, 14 Crit
Green, Red, Red= 23 Aim, 26 Endurance, 16 Power
Red, Green, Green= 26 Endurance, 23 Cunning, 16 Crit
Yellow, Red, Red= 14 Strength, 33 Endurance, 8 Alacrity, 10 Defense

Level 50 – Force Users
Green, Green, Green= 50 Strength, 43 Endurance, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
Red, Red, Red = 50 Willpower, 43 Endurance, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
Yellow, Yellow, Yellow = 24 Strength, 62 Endurance, 26 Defense, 24 Surge

Level 50 – Tech Users
Blue, Blue, Blue = 50 Aim, 43 Endurance, 26 Alacrity, 18 Crit
Red, Red, Red = 52 Endurance, 43 Cunning, 18 Crit, 24 Surge
Yellow, Yellow, Yellow = 24 Aim, 62 Endurance, 24 Alacrity, 26 Defense

So if you want to get higher level cubes, you should have enough same color of the

shards which are provided by Datacrons so that you should have enough SWTOR gold to

buy that.