SWTOR The roleplayer’s guide to event planning

Amidst the critiques and patch reviews, the reasons I stick with Star Wars: The Old Republic sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Despite being irritated by the way BioWare handled specific parts of this Star Wars MMORPG, I still find the setting and the storytelling to be superb. These interwoven tales of adventure and chaos provide an incredible platform for my favorite thing to do in an MMO: roleplay.
Hyperspace Beacon Roleplayer's guide to event planning in SWTOR
I’ve covered several topics about roleplay in this column. From breaking into the community to an RP wishlist to resolving RP-related conflicts, I’ve might have covered everything except for one of the most basic of roleplay elements: How do you host a roleplay event in SWTOR? Although Star Wars: The Old Republic varies in its presentation and tools, the types of events you can throw are pretty similar to the ones you can throw in any other MMOs. The tiny details vary, but the three basic type of events can be narrowed down to social, PvE, and PvP.

Hyperspace Beacon Roleplayer’s guide to event planning in SWTOR
I don’t want to suggest that hosting social events is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but these character-driven events can be less complex than the action-oriented events. Don’t think that just because most of the event involves characters standing around talking to each other means that you don’t have to spend time planning or that it can’t easily fail because of inadequate planning. Remember: Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

One of my guild’s most successful social events took more preparation than my latest complex roleplay adventure. The event encouraged and rewarded character interaction. We also offered many miniature venues for players to gravitate toward. Be warned: There are spoilers in the next paragraph.