Swtor the Galactic Trade Network

The Galactic Trade Network of SWTOR is similar to the Auction House of World of Warcraft. This is the economic hub of the whole game server and this is where most of the money-making happens. If you want to create massive profit and accumulate millions of SWTOR credits in a surefire way, buying items low and selling them high is a tried-and-tested method for all MMO games (it even applies in real-life situations!). The problem here is that you have to know which items can be sold for higher than its purchasing price and you have to be a gamer who thinks “out of the box” if you want to profit from this.


You have to visualize the status of your server in order to know which items to buy low and sell high. You will have to rely sometimes on gut feel in order to pull this one off and if you do it wrong, you might instead end up buying items priced higher than what it is worth. If most of the players in your server are Jedi Knights, then it only makes sense that Jedi Knights items might go higher in the market, right? So if you can buy high-level Jedi Knight items, raw materials and gears for a lower price, then you can definitely make a killing.