SWTOR The Crew Of THESkill

The Crew Skills system allows players to take advantage of the valuable resources, high-tech schematics, and intriguing opportunities the galaxy has to offer without having to break away from their storyline. Players can assign their crew of companions to gather resources, craft useful and valuable items, and even to undertake their own missions, providing the player and the rest of the crew a variety of benefits and rewards.

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Most Crew Skills missions are drawn from a random pool for the player to choose from, and that pool refreshes from time to time. However, some missions are unlocked by rare objects found in the world. These missions are one-off, but tend to offer more substantial rewards. Companions can fail on missions, which means that the player will lose their initial capital investment (i.e. credits and time spent). It is up to the player to decide if they wants to play it safe with their companion missions, or go for higher risk, higher reward missions.

Starships allow players to relay orders to companions while exploring the galaxy and progressing through your storyline. Based on their personal backgrounds, some companions will be more proficient with certain skills, and the higher their opinion of you, the better they’ll perform across the board.

Currently, items craft from and drop to the player’s inventory. This may change based on feedback over time. In fact, one of the key benefits of the missions system is to find rare crafting materials that aren’t ‘drops’ elsewhere in the world, usually used for making very high quality items.

The Crew Skills trainers are located on Coruscant for Galactic Republic players and Dromund Kaas for Sith Empire players, as well as the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Each trainer will give the player a description of the Crew Skill they teach (through a codex entry), along with the benefits they provide, so the player knows which Crew Skills may be most beneficial to their play style. Player class does not restrict the skills available for training.

Players will be able to select three Crew Skills from among these main categories: Contents

1 Gathering skills
2 Crafting skills
3 Mission skills
4 Dependencies
5 Companions Bonuses
5.1 Galactic Republic
5.2 Sith Empire
6 Video
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