SWTOR Summer Update

I am getting that some of you are frustrated that there are also Operations coming in 2.4 as a PvP player. This is in no way taking away from the content you are getting. It just means that on top of being an update with PvP content, it also has PvE content in it as well. It is just a bigger update for everyone!
Summer of SWTOR Update
To specifically address some of the concerns I am seeing in the thread. First, the 4v4 Warzone Arenas are not scaled down versions of the current 8v8 maps. They are a brand new Warzone type (deathmatch) on their own brand new maps! Note: Plural! You will see more than one map at launch.

As some have said, this is not the only thing coming in 2.4. We have stated before in this thread the purpose of this is to give you an overview, it does not have every detail. Some of your other concerns…such as queuing for Ranked, will be addressed along with 2.4. We are still working on details and 2.4 is still a ways off. We will continue to release information as we lock things in.

I want to add on a personal note that one of the things I have enjoyed most over the past month or two at work is our twice a week Warzone Arena playtests. I am someone who primarily PvPs when I play SWTOR and they are so, so much fun. I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on them!

Here is a fresh update on where we are at in terms of hitting our schedules for the Summer of SWTOR, and a recap of all the exciting things we have in the works for the months ahead. All of the below dates are the dates the teams are shooting for. As you saw with Game Update 2.2 which had to be moved back by one day, it’s entirely possible these will move! 

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