SWTOR Some tips about the

According to the official news, the SWTOR game update 2.3 is added with a lot of new

contents. Aside from a new Mission Area CZ-198 is created in this part, two new

flashpoints are also brought into this patch. They are Czerka Corporate Labs and

Czera Core Meltdown. This time, some tips about the first flashpoint will be given

and I hope they will be of some help to you.

Just like any other missions in this game, some bosses will need to be conquered in

this part, as well. Three bosses named CZ-8X Eradicator Droid, Chief Zokar and Rasmus

Blys will be met and each of them will come on the stage alternately. You’ll be asked

to finish finding three security keys Alpha, Beta and Delta. And all the keys are

located in a room randomly. Hence, you need a tool, Macrobinoculars to help you look

for those keys.

CZ-8X Eradicator Droid, the first boss in this flashpoint, looks like a mechanical

crab. Charged plating is the most distinctive feature for this boss. Four teammates

are needed to make up your party. This boss carries strong electric current and he

would cast Charged Plating. In the beginning, you can fight the melee attack as the

location around him is dry. But later, after casting the Charged Plating, he would

reduce the damage and his location around him is filled with water which is charged.

Hence, you need step back the dry place. Moreover, small add named CZ-2X Infiltrator

Droids come to attack you. Hence, it’s better to divide your team into two parts,

three of you should stand far form the boss so as to wipe out the small adds which

are coming from other directions. The left one should launch the melee attack to cope

with the mechanic crab. Only after the fierce attack, the boss will be defeated in

the end and you’ll be allowed to enter into other level.

Chief Zokar, the second boss in this flashpoint, looks normal. The most typical

feature for him is the Shotgun Blast which is regarded a nasty conal attack. He also

has the capability to summon up many other little droid adds to join into the fight.

At different stack of Weapon Arsenal, he would gain different abilities which can

keep him longer in this fighting. Hence, the best way to stop Chief Zokar is to stop

him from gaining more stacks.

Two kinds of Trash Mobs need to deal before meeting the final boss. Project EK-8, the

first kind of Trash Mobs, is very easy to recognize them as all of them carry red

circles. Another group of trash mobs called Projest TG-5s carries blue circles. These

two Trash Mobs will attack to each other and then explode. The key to win them is to

open up the cryo tanks near them.

Rasmus Blys, the final boss of this flashpoint, is the real boss among the three as

eight adds need to be conquered before it comes out. There are 4 red adds and 4 blue

adds. The key to win these adds are using the opposite kolto tank for different

colors of add. These two colors of add will also attach to each other and then blow

up. After killing all the adds, the real climax of the fighting comes then. Rasmus

Blys, the giant boss will start to attack behind you. What he uses in this fighting

is just a rifle. However, it is protected by a solid blue cover. And you need to

change your directions all the time and do a lot of movements during the fighting

luckily, there would no more adds or small foes to interrupt. You’ll defeat this boss

after doing a series of movement and assault.