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SWTOR, the most famous RPG series is not just for her always appreciated changing gameplay and gorgeous looks but also for its memorable characters and wonderful music. Thus, the series will celebrate its 25th And the occasion of its anniversary,swtor credits SQUARE ENIX greeted the anniversary with the publication of the most recent titles, SWTOR, a rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS.
SWTOR has been steadily losing players
The 25th Anniversary of a renowned RPG series to celebrate with a music or rhythm game looks, at first sight very strange. But the game and the system once internalized, it requires no long to realize what a brilliant ideas was realized here. The very special Chibi optics in conjunction with songs such as the Main Theme of Swtor, Mambo de Chocobo and One Winged Angel are likely to conjure the most Swtor fans a smile on your face.

Here, however, the origin of the game or the roots of a SWTOR RPG’s was not left out of consideration. Thus, the player can make a party out of all thirteen SWTOR parts together and equip the individual party members with diverse abilities and items that are proving to be very useful in the game. Unmistakable characteristic is also the HP-bar, which decreases when the player misses a note or circles or enters wrong. HP drops the bar to 0, drop the character and you find yourself back in the game over screen.

The game was divided into three modes. Thus are the story, the challenge and the Chaos Castle fashion from the outset available. This under the story mode is the central point of the game where all thirteen parts of the SWTOR series can be selected as desired. Each of the thirteen Swtor here is buy swtor credits divided into five sections, the Prologue, Field Music, Event Music, Battle Music, and the ending theme. Whereby the Prologue and the ending theme playing the same, here it is enough to crush the notes fly on the crystal in the middle of the top screen, in the right rhythm on the touch screen to tap as they hit the crystal. 

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