SWTOR Property Threshold of The Discussion

At present, I was arrived at 55 levels. I believed that most of players should have arm with the rating 168 items and some crazy players have armed with rating 180 items already. While, if you are lazy players, to have a rating 163 swtor items is impossible. In the PVP, hits rating, critical chance, critical damage have the threshold. To take the Commando as an example, the hits threshold is 108, critical hit threshold is 33, and critical damage threshold is 74. If you want to arrive at this standard, generally you should arm rating 162. Of course, these properties are very important for the Commando. Before these properties haven’t reached at the threshold, we should depend on the swtor class properties would increase the output. Maybe someone else wants to improve the output through damage power or AIM, but this way is traditional. Before your items arrived at top, you can increase your DPS depend on this way.


When you have arm with great items, the hits arrived at threshold you haven’t to increase these properties rather than turn to other directions. At this time, you have two choices, to improve primary property or power. At present, the BUFF plays important role to increase the primary attribute than power. Of course, these conclusions all need the strict data test to make it. In the fact, you should similar with your professions.

Each SWTOR Class has the different primary and secondary properties, and some properties have the threshold. As long as you beyond the limitation, the improvement of property wouldn’t bring you more powerful combat ability. Of course, the properties threshold in PVP and PVE are different.

Above these, it is used to increase the DPS through enhance POWER, but it is under the situation when your items rating cannot reach 162. Below, it is the normal property tag for Jedi Guardian which depends on increasing primary strength to reach the high DPS.