SWTOR Preparations You Need to Do Before Meeting

According to the summer schedule set by Bioware, this summer from June to August

would be busy and substantial days for wide SWTOR fans. After the update 2.1:

Customization, the new patch 2.2: Operation Nightmare was released about two weeks.

About one week later, Double XP Weekend was also released. More new plots and new

contents were added and the difficulty of the game has also got more and more

challenging. However, facing a flood of new contents, you need to do enough

preparations so as to experience all of them timely as nearly all of them are limited

and qualified. This time, we’ll list some main requirements for you to accept these


Trying to level up your grade into 55 as early as possible
Nearly all the contents in recent updates have close relation to your current level.

Taking the update 2.2: Operation Nightmare for example, this new patch was divided

into two parts. Twelve nightmarishly bosses are divided into those two parts. If you

are brave enough and want to conquer those bosses, you need to make your level

achieve 55. After conquering those bosses, you’ll be given abundant rewards including

a brand new set of gear named the Kell Dragon Gear and an exclusive “Helix Hyperpod”


Preparing for enough Cartel Coins in advance
Cartel Coins play a role of master key in Star Wars. You’ll be required to prepare

for enough coins once you want to experience more new contents. Taking the character

transfer for example, 1800 Cartel Coins will be used for each character one you want

to transfer your characters to a new server. Moreover, for the new companions in this

game Treek which looks like a bear, 1 million credits for each character you wish to

unlock this companion on. And 250k credits will be required for the Bounty Hunting

Treek Customization. And if you want to buy more advance new weapons, the Cartel

Coins will also play a critical role for you.

Joining into a strong guild before your nightmarish trip
A guild is a solid team for you to conquer the enemies as soon as possible. Playing

alone to meet those two bosses and ruthless mercenaries and beasts is a kind of

seeking your own doom. Nice cooperation and coordination would make each one in the

guild get stronger, including you. 

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