SWTOR Non-playable Characters in SWTOR

Given the prominent role of NPCS in video games, this SWTOR guide will focus on the 6

announced NPCS and how they are likely to influence the story. Of course, this is all

just guess-work and things are certainly subject to change. All will be confirmed to

be right or wrong after the game`s release in your game playing, the same as in our

SWTOR powerleveling service for you.

Supreme Chancellor Janarus – This is the only announced NPC that really comes in as

being one of the major players in the entire galaxy. Janarus is the head of the

Galactic Republic and billed as “The Leader of The Free Galaxy”, undoubtedly a play

on how the president of the USA is often referred to as “The Leader of the Free

World”. We think it is safe to say that Janarus will be the key to all Republic

storylines, particularly anything that has to do with Coruscant.

Diab Duin is an unusual choice for featuring as he is the Senator from a small planet

with very rich resources. It is likely that this planet, Aeten II, will be a major

quest hub and that for Galactic Republic players he will be the major NPC at that

camp. Otherwise, there is no real reason for BioWare to feature him as one of their

primary NPCS. Perhaps during the struggles over Aeten II he becomes elevated to a

more powerful position?

Jewl’a Nightbringer might be the one NPC where players do not interact with directly

but instead is one of the first major “bosses” of the game. Jewl’a is the galaxy’

s most notorious and feared bounty hunter. Whether or not players do missions for her

or instead are tasked to defeat her is unknown. Personally, I suspect the latter,

especially for members of the Galactic Republic.

Mako is another announced neutral NPC based on Nar Shaddaa. She also seems to be a

much smaller player in the galaxy, much like Diab Duin. It is possible that players

will join up with this NPC and do missions side-by-side. It would make sense that a

relatively minor NPC would be introduced on the official site if she was an NPC that

players were able to team up with.

Darth Jadus is an Empire NPC who is likely to be the most powerful and definitely the

most enigmatic Sith Lord on the Dark Council. His purposes remain unknown, but what

is known is that he does not trust other Sith and he is heavily involved in Imperial

intelligence. It would not surprise me if his long term goal is to take over Empire

in the absence of the current emperor.

Keeper is the keeper of intelligence in the Empire. Like any good empire, the Sith

Empire is heavily invested in espionage and intelligence, making Keeper one of the

most powerful men in the Empire. He is likely to be a major player in all character’

s storylines but also will likely play a major role in the Imperial Agent’s


While this bit of lore provides interesting, we will have to wait for release to

really see how the storyline will play out. One of the most telling things though

about the NPCS is the focus on the prominence of the Imperial Agent.

We think this is a good thing as it will be easy for the Imperial Agent to slip

between the proverbial cracks given that the Empire has three other highly attractive

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