Swtor New items and economy

he Conqueror Relic of Reactive Warding now absorbs the correct amount of damage on use which asks the players now to use Alt + Right Click to equip gear to a summoned Companion Character.
A level 10 requirement to use a Mercenary Contract is added to prevent accidental consumption by ineligible characters.
Firebrand PvP gear now displays proper textures.


Items obtained from Jumpstart and Preferred Friends bundles are now binded on pickup. The Recovered Hero Armor set pieces now have the proper item type in their description instead of all being labeled as Chest piece. Mira’s Headband now displays properly when worn by female characters with Body Type 1. So many new changes on items will obviously summon you to find a best place to buy swtor credits to have these items, then where can you buy affordable relics in swtor? Swtor2credits supplies you with sufficient stock and most favorable discount in price. Enjoy yourself in the new patch 2.4.1.

The new game update of swtor has been released as scheduled. The new patch will fix lore on Quesh, Tatooine and Taris, the group finder for operations. I’m grateful that for making the debuff on the draxus cleansable by all classes. More general details on the patch 2.4.1 notes will be illustrated below, you can buy cheap swtor credits to experience the newly upgraded swtor world.