SWTOR Ledges and hazards are the greatest equalizers

It is possible to look like a different class through the use of mods. Currently speaking, my Powertech looks exactly like a Sith Juggernaut because I picked up some customizable PvP armor. Learn to recognize enemy classes by their weaponry, their buffs, or even their resource bars (ammunition, energy, force, heat, rage, etc).

If you want to maximize your Warzone Commendation and Valor gain per Warzone, then medals will be the most important objective for you. Medals offer 5 Warzone Commendations and 50 Valor per Medal earned. Even at level 10, there should be no reason you can’t grab at least five medals per Warzone. I will indicate what medals are easily achievable within the specific role categories.

Ledges and hazards are the greatest equalizers in SWTOR PvP. A smart Powertech / Vanguard can easily win any 1v1 fight by Grappling / Harpooning an enemy onto the Huttball Fire Panels before stunning them. Never attack a target with your back to a hazard or a ledge, as they can shove you into the hazard, or off the ledge.

Whenever you enter combat, you are afflicted with the “Trauma” debuff, which reduces all healing received by 30%. This debuff lasts about 10-20 seconds after you exit combat, so if you’re going for the 2.5k healing medal (via using a non-PvP medpack) then remember to wait for your Trauma debuff to expire. Otherwise you will be reducing the heal of your medpack by a whopping 30%. 

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