Swtor increase credits for Tips

Trading at the Galactic Market is one of the most lucrative ways to make credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This method is not time-consuming at all. If you know what items to look for, you can finish up your day’s trading in minutes, and when the auctions are complete, you will have decent profits. Of course there is a long list of valuables in SWTOR, which would be too long for me to write here, and the best way to grasp it is to work with a SWTOR credits guide.


Crew skills are basically inexhaustible credit mines in SWTOR. Most players just want to level up quickly, or just PvP their way up to level 50, ignoring their crew skills completely. Don’t do that if you want to have at least one method to make credits that’s 100% reliable. Market trading isn’t. I don’t know much about all crew skills, because I’ve only followed two, the most “crafty” ones, when it comes to credits: cybertech and slicing.The last tips is also about crew skills, about on of the most desirable aspects of the missions part: Treasure Hunting. Everyone likes treasure hunting, right? This is a crew skill that you shouldn’t neglect. You will be able to send your companions to find treasures for.

Maybe the most important part of the credits making part of SWTOR is that by completing swtor credits guidemissions, especially the main quest chains for your class, you will get enough credits. Now, most players spend those credits on gear, medpacks, stimpacks or plenty items that they don’t really need. Therefore, save the credits you receive from your missions because those credits will be your seed money for the Galactic Market trading. Leveling up from 1 to 50 will bring you over 1.5 million credits, enough to start decent Galactic Market trading and still have plenty for a level 3 speeder.