SWTOR Improvements From The End Game POV

Taking a break from my normal topic of end game raiding, though, I do not think it is

a stretch to say this topic is heavily related (it is from my viewpoint, after all)

… I wanted to talk about some of the larger issues I see in Star Wars: The Old

Republic. Going a step further, I will also offer my realistic suggestions and the

possible ramifications that these suggestions might have for the development team and

the engine that SWTOR was designed on. This is a pretty  long article, so if you are

looking for a particular topic, try guiding yourself by the section names which are

in bold.
SWTOR's Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular quests lines where pretty great, but more is needed.
Not Content On Content – Lack of Activities Between Your Primary Goals

The first truly overarching problem with the game has been keeping players busy. When

the game launched, the focus was on story. While this remains a “pillar” of the

game, in a world that constantly expands and evolves, the story pillar has proven to

crumble a bit faster than the others. Every MMO has its lore, even EverQuest, my

first MMO, had lore when it came out over a decade ago. Lore and story is not what

keeps players around, though in SWTOR’s case, it is certainly what got players to

come play the game in the first place. What actually keeps players around is the idea

of keeping the players busy. When you log in, there should always be something to do.

PvP, Raiding, Dailies, these were the three endgame events when SWTOR came out. Later

they introduced the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular quest lines and soon they will

release another repeatable event – though events are temporary, lasting only days.

PvP has grown very stale, with the newest map being released around a year ago, the

reward for PvP being a gear grind, and ranked PvP being nearly non-existent on most

servers (The Harbinger and POT5 being the exceptions). There are changes lined up for

patch 2.4, but that is still some time off and BioWare has already lost or are facing

to lose a large portion of their PvP crowd. To be clear, there are people who enjoy

more than one activity, but usually people either dedicate themselves to PvP or PvE

– then mix in the other activities. I personally dabble in PvP, and besides some

days where I will group up with a few guildmates, I find myself sitting in the fleet

doing nothing, more than I am actually PvPing. I am not complaining about queue times

here, I am complaining about the lack of something to do between queues and my lack

of desire to be constantly PvPing to fill my down time between raids, being that I am

primarily a raider.

Dailies are super boring. There, I said it. I can run through each once – but after

doing them when the game first came out to grind gear with just Belsavis and Ilum

dailies, I don’t think I can ever step foot in them again. They are great for

credits, but I no longer need more credits, so there is no remaining value.

Reputation seemed to add no extra motivation for me and for many others. Adding new

daily areas won’t fix the problem – I may explore the new area once and complete it

as I have the others, but the time going into developing a daily area could probably

be better spent elsewhere (I know some people may disagree here, this is just my

opinion and my guess is, the opinion of many).