SWTOR Go Out of Your Way for Extra Valor Guide

In SWTOR PvP, what most people do not realize is that Valor is your primary barrier to getting the best gear in the game.

The top-level gear (at least at release) is the Battlemaster set. However, you cannot begin acquiring gear for this set until you reach Valor rank 60. What most people also do not realize is that Valor starts scaling exponentially once you reach Valor rank 50. You need more Valor to go from 50-60 then you do from 1-49.

While on the most populated and active servers Ilum can provide the most valor gain, the vast majority of players will earn most of their valor from Warzones. As a result, you need to make the most out of gaining valor in each Warzone.

It is the recommendation of this SWTOR guide that unless you are rank 60+, you really should not even bother with Ilum. The daily and weekly Ilum quest do not provide Valor (if you are looting chests) and do not provide Battlemaster gear until you reach rank 60 Valor. You are better off just sticking to Warzones until you hit Battlemaster.

When in Warzones, you want to do everything you can to get extra Valor. One way to do this is when you are low on HP, run out of combat and wait until your Trauma buff wears off. Many classes can hit a 5k self heal (for an extra commendation) without the Trauma debuff up. You should also seek out 1v1s to get the Assassin Medal and Adrenal+Trinket attacks to unlock the 2.5k and 5k damage dealt in one critical hit for more medals.

Each extra medal you unlock earns 50 more valor; the difference between earning 4 Medals and 10 Medals is 300 Valor per match, which can be 20-30% more than you would otherwise get! Additionally, being high on the medal count makes you more likely to get MVP votes, which add an additional 50 valor per vote.

To the healing classes which complain about not being able to earn medals, you should be able to get the 2.5k in a single heal, 5k in a single heal, 75k healed, 300k healed, 1 killing blow (use a quick attack on low HP players), 10 kills and 25 kills (just stay alive near DPS players) for 7 medals per Warzone. Healers also have the easiest time getting MVP votes, especially if you throw up 400k healing plus. Most DPS players vote for healers at the end of Warzones, as they want you to keep queuing so they can get heals!

As a bonus SWTOR tip, if you are a hardcore PvP player, you should actually level up by doing nothing but Warzones and skip everything but your class quests. This way, when you hit level 50, you will be at a high valor rank and get geared up very quickly. PvP with no gear at level 50 is not very fun, so it is the recommendation of this SWTOR guide to PvP a lot while you level up to minimize the length of this unpleasant period. 

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