SWTOR Go into Biochem and Bioanalysis Guide

Biochem and Bioanalysis are the best professions in the game. They are both very easy to make money with and they provide the best self-buffs to players. It is the recommendation of this SWTOR Guide that you pick up both of these crew skills.

Bioanalysis has such a high return on crew missions, it makes slicing look ridiculous. The easiest thing to is to send all of your companions out on to get Rank 5 Biological Compounds and Samples. You can then convert these into Ultimate Medpacs, which are the best single-target heal in-game for non-Biochem players (Prototype Ultimate Medpacs are not worth the extra effort).

Since all tanks need Ultimate Medpacs, typically 1-2 per encounter, you have a large market for these items. Since these items are in such high demand, you can sell them for a lot of credits. I find that you can get enough materials for about 10 Ultimate Medpacs in about 8 crew Missions. Crew Missions run around 1500 credits a piece.

You can then sell the Ultimate Medpacs for 3000-4000 credits (with a very fast turnaround time). This means that once every 2 hours or so worth of crew missions, you can turn 30000 credits worth of missions into 70000 credits worth of items, or about 40k profit. The best part is that not only can you earn an easy 40k a day, you can do it without actually “doing” anything – just sending your companions to do missions and then craft while you PvP or do flashpoints and raids yourself.

For this reason, one of our top SWTOR Tips is to use Biochem and Bioanalysis for easy money.