Swtor Filling Your Time

Now, before I get into the Operations portion of this article, which will be my

longest section, I thought I’d talk about the issue of boredom. What can be done to

fix this problem? Pretty simple, give us more to do in between PvP, dailies and

raids. Like what? Well Sabacc is by far the most obvious and possibly the easiest

thing to implement.
Sabacc is so long overdue, it defies logic why it is not in the game – and I have

yet to see a reason from a gold post of what, if any, potential roadblocks there

would be. Sabacc does not need to be about gambling, it could purely be about

ranking, but adding a quick and fun activity that you can sit on the fleet (or

better, Nar Shaddaa casinos) and occupy your time for hours on end would be a very

welcome addition and change of pace.

The “Super Secret Space Project” offers a bit of hope. I think a lot of people are

looking forward to putting the stars back into Star Wars. I personally still hope to

see an operation and a PvP match that involve space combat in some way.

The little things are what fills your time. The fleet is currently the place to sit

and stare at nothing. Adding additional activities, like an arena in the fleet, would

be a vast improvement to my general time wasting. A swoop racing track, or something

along those lines, would be a nice addition as well.

There are other little things outside those bigger activities as well. I remember

when the game was being announced and the first time I heard there would be no

swimming in the game. My disappointment was not about the lack of immersion that

caused, though it plays a small part, but things like being able to swim and fish –

or cook and dance aren’t just things for role-players. Players of all calibers like

to relax, escape into their virtual world, and do activities like these just to fill

their time. The little things matter in keeping players happy, bring on the space