Swtor Factions and Specializations

The Imperial Agent class is a hands-on everything that can use both ranged abilities and melee. He also has a variety of capacities to choose from. While the imperial agent seems tame, specializations do a lot more interesting and cheap swtor credits in the game. The procedure is another hybrid class that has a healing talent tree talent tree and a rogue-like (stealth and melee). The Sniper, on the other as described – a user long-range rifle with two talent trees dedicated to ranged DPS.


This class is oriented with a few melee abilities force, including a boomerang sword toss (no joke). There are two specializations: Guardian and Sentinel. Guardian is a defensive class that can tank and deal damage and heavy armor and buy swtor credits in the game. The Sentinel has two swords and is all about offense, and has two talent trees dedicated to this task. Jedi Knight Class the most popular by far is on this list SWTOR class, if it is only for aesthetics.

The character is a Jedi Consular hybrid powder / Jedi. It uses a light saber, but also has some strength-related capabilities as well. This class has two specialties SWTOR: Sage and shade. The Sage can be either a force-using melee / caster damage dealer or healer while the shadow could become either a tank or a DPS class. The Sith Empire has four classes and announced to date: Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Sith and Inquisitor.