SWTOR Enjoy the Busy Summer

From the official news set by Bioware, the busy summer of SWTOR is filled with various news contents. A recap of all the exciting things has been

listed on the official site board. Along with the Operation Nightmare Terror From Beyond has come to the market, Double XP is coming on June 21st.

and in the next month, game update 2.2.2 will be released according to the time schedule. And two other game updates will come out in August and

October. This preview has caused great discussion online. I believe that many SWTOR fans have already started to plan to make full use of this


Double XP Weekends is the clearest event for us
According to the time schedule, Double XP Weekend is coming the day after tomorrow. In order to meet different players’ demands, it is divided into

three sessions. Each part lasts for four days. Whether for a new or experienced player, this would be a great chance to level up from the low level

to the cap level. New class story, characters and gameplay will also be enjoyed in this time.

Game update 2.2.2 will come in next month
After battling with the first five main bosses in the game update 2.2, you’ll be required to defeat the Hutt Catel’s ruthless mercenaries and

beasts in legions of scum and villainy. More new rewards, including new vehicle and gears are set.

Game update 2.3 comes on August 13th
If you are still looking forward a bigger modification, then August would satisfy your curiosity. Some bigger parts of game update 2.3 have also

been released, including new flashpoints, new daily area, game-wide color vibrancy improvement and new recurring event: Bounty Contract Week. The

Bounty Contract Week will last for one month.

Game update 2.4 will be released in October
Game update will be released in October while more detailed information will be shared in month. That will be a great time to experience big PVP


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