Swtor Elite War Hero grind

I’ve hit a wall in my personal gameplay. Most people run into it eventually when they are dedicated to one MMO like I am. Sometimes, I will move on to another game. Guild Wars 2 and DC Universe Online are calling me pretty strongly again. The problem I’d face if I did that is that I would be leaving behind my guild and the friends I have in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not that I’m opposed to playing a game solo, it’s just that my guild is the biggest reason I still play SWTOR.
Hyperspace Beacon Breaking into SWTOR's roleplay community
I still want to play the game, but my fourth alt is near 50, PvP disappoints me because of the Elite War Hero grind, and my raid group seems to be stuck on a single boss fight. It’s not that I don’t like the game; it’s just disappointing at several turns. So how am I going to keep this game interesting? Well, I didn’t join a roleplay server so that I can pwn noobs in PvP; I joined because of the community.

Perhaps some of you are in a similar situation. Maybe you’re looking for something else to do in the game, but don’t know how to get started. Maybe you’ve always wanted to break into roleplay, but you weren’t sure where to start. If so I have some tips for you.