swtor – Dromund Kaas Datacrons

Dromund Kaas Cunning +2 Datacron

Important: The nice and easy theme of the Dromund Kaas datacrons continues.

Coords: -1220, 210

Area: The Dark Temple Approach

Route Map:

Dromund Kaas Cunning+2 Map Location (Click to Enlarge)


Step 1: The Dark Temple Approach is found by heading out the western exit of Dromund Kaas city area

Step 2: Head to co-ords -1090, 225. At these co-ords you will see a metal platform with ramps leading down to the valley floor. Right next to the platform are some crates you need to jump on to get to the hidden path.

Step 3: Head up and along the path until you reach the end. This will be at about co-ords -1217, 180. If you look down you will see the prize.

Step 4: Carefully drop down and collect the datacron -1220, 210.

Dromund Kaas Presence +2 Datacron

Important: Another very easy datacron to obtain and close to the spaceport too

Coords: 580, 795

Area: Dromund Kaas – just outside spaceport

Route Map:

Dromund Kaas Presence+2 Map Location (Click to Enlarge)


Step 1: As you exit the spaceport head along the trail immediately left (south, south-west) – you are heading to co-ords 767, 727 where a hidden path is located (the path entrance is near to the purple glowing plants)

Step 2: Follow the path heading towards the datacron at 580, 795 (you can’t miss the big yellow glow as you approach)

Step 3: Pick up the datacron at 580, 795

Dromund Kaas Strength +2 Datacron

Important: Another fairly easy platforming datacron to collect.

Coords: 855, 643

Area: Dromund Kaas Spaceport Docking Bay D 61

Start Map:


Dromund Kaas Strength+2 Map Elevator Location

Route Map:

Dromund Kaas Strength+2 Datacron Map Route


Step 1: Head to the south-most elevator in the Dromund Kaas spaceport (997, 461), use the elevator to go to Docking Bay D61.

Step 2: Head into the hangar area – you should see a ramp to your right (and the red glow of the datacron just underneath the ramp)

Step 3: Head up the ramp and follow until you see some stacked crates – behind and below these are two thin beams you want to drop onto (about 871, 598)

Step 4: Drop onto the beams and head along one until you can drop onto the crate that holds the datacron(855, 643)

Dromund Kaas Yellow Matrix Shard

Important: Yep, you guessed it… another easy Dromund Kaas datacron. Just watch out for the elites. The datacron is located in Lord Granthams Estate but you enter from the east.

Coords: 188, -110

Area: Dromund Kaas – Lord Granthams Estate

Route Map:

Dromund Kaas Yellow Matrix Shard Map Location


Step 1: You need to get to co-ords -7, -116 (look out for elites) where a small hidden path is. Do not try get to the co-ords from Lord Granthams estate side, you must go round the east side.

Step 2: Once you have located the small path, just follow it until you see the datacron.

Step 3: Pick up the datacron at -188, -110

Dromund Kaas Endurance +2

Important: Actually located in the Revanite Camp Area but you get access from Lord Granthams Estate.

Coords: -792, 0

Area: Dromund Kaas – Lord Granthams Estate

Map Route:

Dromuund Kaas Endurance+2 Map Location (Enlarge)


Step 1: Head to Lord Granthams Estate, specifically co-ords -680, -47 on the western side of the estate.Close to these co-ords will be a narrow path that winds westerly through the cliffs towards the Revanite Camp.

Step 2: Follow the path, heading towards the datacron at co-ords -792, 0