Swtor Czerka Corporate Labs Flashpoint Guide

Czerka Corporate Labs is a new flashpoint to be introduced in SWTOR Patch 2.3 and is part I of the Titans of Industry duo. Sw-tor-credits.com offers a SWTOR hardmode Czerka Corporate Labs flashpoint guide together with the cheapest swtor credits.
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SWTOR Hardmode Czerka Corporate Labs Flashpoint General Information

Before your party can encounter the bosses in this flashpoint, you will be tasked with finding Security Key Alpha, Beta and Delta. These keys can be found a room on each of the three levels. They are located randomly but you can easily find them using Macrobinoculars.

CZ-8X Eradicator Droid Fight with Swtor Credits

1. Grapple random party members to him
2. When he finishes casts Charged Plating, he takes reduced damage and the water around him becomes electrified. Anyone who stay in the water will be slowed and receive a ticking damage.
3. Adds (CZ-2X Infiltrator Droids) will also spawn after Charged Plating and they do hit pretty hard. Grab swtor credits to fight!

How to Defeat the Chief Zokar?

1. Gains new abilities every time he teleports (gains a stacking Weapon Arsenal buff)
2. Has a nasty conal attack called Shotgun Blast that is avoidable.
3. Summons add at 2, 4 stacks of Weapon Arsenal and uses Plasma Probe and Cryo Grenade at 3 and 4 stacks.
4. Chief Zokar is a boss that gains new abilities the longer the fight goes on. He will disappear and port to another corner of the room occasionally. In doing so, he will gain a stack of Weapon Arsenal buff and gain new abilities.
5. His basic attack is Shotgun Blast, a nasty conal attack that is well telegraphed and avoidable. At 2 and 4 stacks of Weapon Arsenal, he will also summon little droid adds to join the fun.
6. When he gains 3 stacks of Weapon Arsenal, he will throw down Plasma Grenade, an AoE attack. At 4 stacks, he will throw down Cryo Grenade, an attack that will stun the tank temporarily.

A Note on the Trash Mobs before Final Boss

Pretty soon after defeating Chief Zokar, you will encounter a bunch of trash mobs called Project EK-8 (with red circles undernearth them). The trick to defeating them is to open up the cryo tanks near them. This will spawn Project TG-5s, which are trash mobs with blue circles undernearth them. They will attach to each other and explode.

Grab Cheap Swtor Credits to Fight Rasmus Blys

1. Rasmus is a fairly easy fight if you understand the mechanics.
2. When a blue add spawn, click on the red kolto tank next to it and vice versa.
3. Once all the adds are killed, rest of the fight is largely tank and spank with Rasmus porting around abit.
4. Rasmus will periodically spawn an add from one of the 8 Kolto tanks that line up the side of the room.

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