SWTOR Customer Support: My own bad experience

I am writing this after I read that EA was voted again, for the second year straight (new record), as the worst US company at the website “Consumerist”.

EA’s customer support is horrible too judging from my experience in SWTOR.

I opened a ticket to ask them why my third Crew Skill (Profession slot) in my toons was locked and stated that I could only unlock it if I pay Cartel Coins since I am a subscriber, and subscribers (i.e. paying customers) are entitled to use all three profession slots.

What the amazingly bad people who work at EA Customer Support did was just to close my ticket without even giving me the courtesy of a reply. I am still unable to access my third crew skills on all characters I own, and I am unsure what I can do to have this fixed.

I won’t even bother posting at their forums. I only posted once and got almost immediately a moderator note informing me that they will ban me if I disagree with them again. Hopefully someone who works for EA or BIOWARE Customer Support will see this, and hopefully they are going to teach their customer support people to be more professional in the future, however, seeing that they were voted for the second year in a row as “worst US company” somehow I don’t have high hopes.
I suggest you open another ticket. Additionally, without seeing how you posted on the forums we can’t really know whether you awere warned for your language as opposed to simply disagreeing with them.

Many of us here know that their support is horrible, that their company is horrible, and would be completely ready to defend you and help as needed, but unfortunately we don’t have a lot to go on here.

My suggestion is to suck it up and create another ticket that says very plainly, “Currently I am a subscriber since I have added game time to my account with a time card. I only have access for 2 crew skills when I should have access to all 3. Please unlock/correct my account so I can use the third crew skill as I am a subscriber via a time card. Thank you for your time.”

If a response as direct and polite as that doesn’t get you a response, then by all means let us know and we will sharpen some pitchforks with you, but honestly you have to try and try again as they are terrible. I hope it gets sorted out.