SWTOR Crew Skills of tips

Here’s an interesting Crew Skills map, from a slightly different perspective. It shows which class categories benefit more from a specific crew skill and also, which are their complementary skills, in order to benefit more rewards.


Now it all depends on what you’re planning to do with your Crew Skills, either max profit, personal gain or a bit of both. If you’re planning on max profit, then you need to take into consideration 2 simple factors:

What are the most played classes on your server again, the map comes in need, and you can easily see what they need the most. For example, if you want to feed the Jedi population, Artifice is the way to go, along with Archaeology. So it is very useful for you.

What are the GTN Prices for the gathering materials? My thoughts, there will be sufficient gatherers in order for you to re-think you Crew Skill strategy, to maximize the gain. But that’s a slightly different story.

This news just wants to let you have a thorough understanding of SWTOR Crew Skills and we will update our news when the game released, and hope you can play the game smoothly and become the best players in SWTOR.

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