Swtor Credits for the Bounty Contract Week

A good news for all the players of Star Wars: The Old Republic! Get ready to pick up extra swtor credits in the upcoming Bounty Contract Week coming to the game in August!
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Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines the Bounty Contract Week

Bounty hunting is a thing in Star Wars: The Old Republic, to the point that there’s an entire class focused around bounties and the hunting thereof. But even if you’re usually a meditative Jedi, you can still pick up a few extra credits in the upcoming Bounty Contract Week coming to the game in August. A new development blog details what players can expect from this event, offering players of nearly all levels a chance to earn reputation for taking down violent criminals.

Each day, players can select a single contract to hunt, with the Bounty Brokers Association providing a selection of different planets with available contracts. Veteran hunters can also hunt for a single Kingpin target, a high-threat individual who requires more accomplished hunters. Success means cheapest swtor credits without pay and reputation with the BBA. Players from level 15 and up can take part in these missions, which scale to the level of the participant, ensuring that anyone who wants to get in on the hunt can start taking down criminals for credits.

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