Swtor Credit Making Tips

Early access is here! many of you that preorded Swtor will now have early access and be playing the game. Why don’t you send me a message or leave a comment of what you think!
swtor beta epl 812 Early Access And Early Swtor Credit Making Tips
I have been playing a fair amount over the last 3 days and I have managed to gather over 150k credits so far and I have only just hit level 25. So I would just like to give you some early tips for filling your galactic wallet as quick as possible.

Early Swtor Credit Making Tips:

Slicing Gathering Skill

Slicing is a excellent skill. You can send off one of your companions to do slicing missions and every time they will return with a credit box for you. Most of the time you will make a good profit on this. It costs some credits to send them but 99% of the time you will make more credits than you spend. Its only if they fail the mission that you will lose your credits.

Slicing also allows you to interact with safes, lockboxes and terminals in the environment. There are a lot of these if you keep you eyes open and nearly everyone will give you a decent amount of credits. The main benefit to slicing is how easy it is to profit from it. Other crew skills allow you to make items and gather materials to sell and profit from. Slicing cuts out the middle man and just gives you the straight up hard cash!

Once you get to your third companion about lv17-lv20 you can start sending two companions on Slicing missions making you twice as much and as you level up your slicing skill the quality of boxes rewarded increases as does the amount of credits you receive.

Only issue with having Slicing as a skill is if you do plan to craft items for profit you may have to drop Slicing at a later date to get a skill like teasure hunting or underworld trading. This is because certain crafted items require rare mats that can only be obtained from those crew skills.