SWTOR Crafting Overview of guide

You can learn new recipes of the skills coach, through article drops special, and reverse engineering. Trainer competence generally has new recipes to teach you every 10 to 20 skill points. The skills of collection are all related to the collection of specific craft skills. To collect, find a node in the world and right click it. You can also open the management interface of the crew to send members of the crew to collect elements, even if the performance is quite low so I suggest using this as a last resort. Skills of the mission are also linked to the craft, but not for the same skills fundraising skills are. All the skills of the mission have missions that donations of company loyalty, and all have missions that rewards an object used by a craft skill.


To send a companion mission, select the competence of mission from the crew management screen and select the mission you want the Assistant to continue. The way it works is quite simple. Once learn you a skill of the crew of the craft, a reverse engineering icon in the upper right of your inventory. Clicking on the grey Reverse Engineering anything but you can reverse engineer. You can Buy Swtor Credits in our shop. This guide is very imortant to the players who are the begainner. Right click on an item will remove the materials of the object and return to the appropriate level and category of article. What makes the interesting RE system is that the reverse engineering of an element that you are able to craft gives a chance to learn how to design a better version of this article.

Disassembly of a special object gives a chance to learn a prototype version. Disassembly of a point of a prototype gives a chance to learn an artifiact version. The best version will consist of the original with an added prefix element. Article will be stats of origin and points of statistics related to the prefix added to make it equivalent to an article of the same rarity and level. SWTOR has a fairly unique feature in its craft called Reverse Engineering System. You should learn well about this guide. For example, if a Jedi belt is normally 30 points total of statistics, and a rare a belt of the same level version has 40 stat total, Gammorean rare version of belt would have the original stats and about 5 Force and 5 Endurance.