Swtor Companion Characters for updated

Companion characters are no longer defeated when you use the quick travel to go to the Repulic or Imperial Landing zone form certain areas of CZ-198. It is a good news for players too. At the end of the initial conversation, Treek will unlock in all cases now.


There are many changes. Obviously, these new contents will bring players new experience, meanwhile you may need more Cartel Coins and SWTOR Credits for supporting the new items or new service offered by the NPC in-game. Fortunately, safeswtorcredits offers the safe and cheap SWTOR Credits for sales to our clients with fast delivery and sweet live customer service.

SWTOR has updated to 2.4.1, what is new in this version? Some bug has been fixed. First, Priority Transport Terminals on the Republic Fleet have been adjusted and no longer fail to transport players in some instances. And the Area Loot Preference now functions as intended when looting mission items while in a group. We are grateful to see BioWare fixed these bugs which bored players.