SWTOR Celebrating 10th Anniversary

July 15th will mark the 10th anniversary of single-player RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of BioWare’s best games. BioWare will be celebrating this milestone with in-game events for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO inspired by KOTOR. Buy cheap swtor credits to enjoy!
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Why Star Wars: Old Republic Celebrating KOTOR’s 10th anniversary?

Old Republic celebrating KOTOR’s 10th anniversary just doesn’t feel right. In fact, it’s just depressing. Old Republic is the whole reason that KOTOR doesn’t exist as a series anymore.

When Old Republic was announced back in 2008, KOTOR fans sensed that that the series as they knew it was over. Instead of creating single-player sequels, BioWare was pushing all of its chips into developing an MMO based on the franchise. Not to worry, BioWare said. They likened Old Republic to a compilation of several KOTOR games. Join this big celebration and try to gain more swtor credits!

What Can I Enjoy in this Celebration of SWTOR?

On that day, BioWare will be giving out Cartel Coins through the official Old Republic Facebook page. Cartel Coins are a virtual currency that was introduced when the game went free-to-playlate last year. They can be used to buy premium items and services. On July 15th, players will be able to buy a new title called “Revan’s Heir” for 10 Cartel Coins. Revan, if you recall, was the Dark Lord of the Sith who was central to the plot of – ugh, I can’t do this anymore. Good luck, guys! Hope you can get the cartel coins! Don’t forget to buy swtor credits with fast delivery on sw-tor-credits.com!