Swtor Builds That Work Guide

Swtor has been out for a little over a month now, And I am sure that many of you will have tried a few different swtor builds for your character hoping to find one that suits you and what you want your character to do. The truth is not every build works that well…
pvpbuild Swtor Guide And Swtor Builds That Work!
There is a difference between builds which are good for PvE or swtor builds which are good for PvP and with the recent swtor patch 1.1 some of the older builds which worked very well are now not so effective. Some classes was not affected but some were. If you are looking for the best builds for your class then you should check out Swtor Savior, They have found and created some of the best Swtor builds I have seen and used.

Those of you that have been reading my blog know that I play a Jedi Guardian and I would like to share the build I use for PvP. One thing I do which most guardians do not is change form mid fight. From Shi Co to Soreu which is the tanking form.

Here is the build:

As you can see this is a focus build. This is a DPS guardian build for PvP although you will be using your tanking form a fair amount to keep yourself alive.

The main idea of this build is to build Singularity by using Force Stasis or Force Exhaustion then using Force Leap or Zealous Leap to get Felling Blow. When you have Felling Blow and 4 stacks of Singularity your force sweep will do a lot of damage.

This build will work with the Sith Warrior also if you spec up the rage tree. You can also do a build very close to this on a Marauder and a Sentinal because Focus/Rage is the shared tree for JK/SW.

This build works very well in PvP and is still effective after the lastest patch. If you are looking for more great swtor builds then I recommend Swtor Savior, they have excellent builds for all classes and for all roles. Swtor Savior also contains a Leveling and Credit/Craft Guide which are top quality. 

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