SWTOR Brings You into a Real Science Fiction World

In order to attract more SWTOR players back to this game, new patches and updates are

created from time to time. The upcoming patch 2.3 has been released on PTS. After

previewing the coming new contents in patch 2.3, many players have become ready to

experience it eagerly, especially for those who have strong senses of adventure and

space dream.

A new mission area is available
If you love SWTOR because of you are a crazy fan of outer space, then this time would

be a historic moment for you. CZ-198, a new Level 55 daily mission area, is a small

and private moon where Czerka Corporation’s most and dangerous data, research and

technology is stored. This place can be called a powder magazine as both the Empire

and the Republic have descended on the moon in order to seize control.

Two flashpoints will be available
Two new flashpoints will be adopted in this patch. The Czerka Corporate Lab is one of

the two. The Czerka scientist in this lab is responsible for developing the company’s

most dangerous weapon. The other is Czerka Core Meltdown. In this mission, you’ll be

asked to race against time to stop the imminent meltdown of the CZ-198 research

facility and to battle against the terrifying security system as “The Vigilant”.

Galactic Reputation will be rewarded
According to the official, Galactic Reputation will be gained after completing the

mission. Bounty Contract Week is a monthly event. Hence, sufficient time will be

provided if you are really interested. More missions and more experiences will be

gained in the process. And there’s a great chance for you to level your grade as fast

as possible by finishing each contract perfectly.

Unlike the previous patch 2.2 in which many new contents were designed for the Level

55, patch 2.3 has lower requirements for players. It would be available to players

whose level is 15 and above. Bounty Contract Week, a part of Game update 2.3, would

be started on August 13th. Nearly everyone has the chance to experience the new moon

and win great galactic reputations by finishing various new missions.