Swtor awards honor accomplishments horse problem

Q: This achievement and its reward makes me puzzled. Its reward is a Kor’kron Wolf. I

understand the reason is that EA have said no longer removed from the game mounts?

But this is the league’s first wolf mounts can get, but it still has a time limit and

a glorious deeds phase bound. I personally think this is a bad idea EA, is to attract

players. If possible, I would suggest, instead of the wolf mounts and trendsetters

such glorious deeds binding, it would be better to complete normal or Heroic mode

available and no time limit. I hope you will feel like me, the next piece of

information to get the horse really cool.
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A: In the absence of advance notice to remove the reward (of course, this is what we

want to try to avoid) and the introduction of time-limited incentives there are some

differences between the. (Such as Gladiator mounts, Kor’kron Wolf, Swtor anniversary

pet and so on.)

Permanently available and we hope to encourage players in the future will be to go

back to the old contents of the award, and to indicate in a specific time and place

to complete Albert seek a balance between reward. From then on, when people see you

riding Kor’kron Wolf, they’ll know you’re serious threat to Azeroth Jiaerlushi safe

when beat it.

Orgrimmar siege in this raid two other horse will get through more traditional

methods: the first one, Jialakasi the reins, is “the glory of Orgrimmar team”

achievement award, it will Heroic no longer need to kill the BOSS, which allows any

interested through a variety of techniques and can detect players involved, including

the elastic mode. (This also allows those players to play the hero mode does not

affect their progress or equipment requirements Heroic situation continues to get

these achievements or mounts, because unfortunately, we designed “in an unusual way

to kill BOSS “achievement, many of them are almost impossible in the current version

of the heroic mode of completion.)

Second, Heroic Jiaerlushi will 100% drop another horse, of course, and invincible or

Mimiron’s head, Swtor when the battle can be compacted, the swap rate will eventually

adjusted to ~ 2 %.

Q: I would like for the glory of achievement Heroic kills demand removal is not cold.

That there are no heroes in the previous mode 100% drop mount version, the glory

class achievement for those players who play the hero mode is a very good reward.

A: but now have a heroic mode 100% drop mounts. We hope to achieve more consistent. I

have to say, did not let the fear of evil and Heroic Heroic Raytheon drop mounts is

our mistake.

To be honest, this “glory of the team” achievement does not make much sense or for a

long period of time how good performance. This stuff is difficult when only one

instance zones of the design (3.0 Naxxramas), so you can make a instance zones of the

Society who can farm more difficult to be able to do some more interesting things to

show off to get some available reward.

But now we have a heroic mode, as I mentioned above, many achievements under the

current level of equipment and heroic modes are not compatible (I would like to see

those in the 5.0/5.1 hero mode Finish “putting the stone” Achievement team). The

result is that they will get the players on the team Rong Yaocheng only those players

Swtor went through Heroic part. And these players usually do not get these

achievements in the current version. Heroic guild will get through a week’s time

after the assault took to make achievements. (Often some do not care about

achievement points or horse players complained that they would prefer to play the

hero weapons Thunder Heroic), or else wait for the next version, and a small number

of people to get back to normal mode achievements. This is really not the “glory of

the team,” the essence of success.

There is no need to worry about those heroic mode more fair or more complete

rhetoric, we can also ensure the achievement also need some basic execution

capabilities (such as “Let me see your footwork!” And “Murder by Heart “) This will

make them more challenging. The original Lich King dungeons 5 is not very

challenging, but at that time, the glory of the hero in the many achievements is

definitely challenging.