SWTOR Angry Birds

Attention Angry Birds Star Wars fans: something new and awesome is coming in September! New stories, new levels, and new characters in Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Also introducing TELEPODS! You can get it September 19th.
star wars angry birds 2
It will feature “over 30 playable characters.” But the biggest addition is something completely new- the TELEPODS. Apparently you can buy these little figures from the store and then choose which ones you want to play your game with and it will allow you to boost that in-life toy into the game.

What is surprising is that the newest Angry Birds entry has a physical twist that we’ve yet to see from the brand: something called “telepods.” The Hasbro-created toy is a physical representation of an in-game character, and Rovio Entertainment’s VP of marketing Philip Hickey tells us it works by using a mobile phone or tablet’s built-in camera to read the toy and implement it in-game — an interesting choice in a world where Activision’s NFC-based Skylanders rules the toy-based game landscape. As such, the toys likely won’t function on game consoles, making it likely that any non-mobile version of the game will require some custom work to adapt. Hickey also tells Engadget that the toys will be available at retail alongside the game’s September 19th launch, and that Rovio’s exploring the possibility of making them function with previous series entries.

Sure, it’s a ploy to get people to spend money and buy these toys but it sure does look and sound awesome. 

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