Swtor about Achievement System

Achievement is a common pursuit for wide players in SWTOR. It is not only the symbol of technological level but also brings you a lot of advanced gears to make yourself become stronger than before. Since the SWTOR patch 2.0, the Legacy achievement system was brought into the game. About six months have passed, do you have a clear idea about how the whole achievement system work? This time, we’ll introduce some basic information about the Achievement System.
From the 2.2.2 patch notes set by Bioware, the Legacy Achievement also brought some new contents. The “Junior Research Project” Achievement is now retained upon log out. Space Combat Mastery Achievements can now be obtained by doing a series of missions, such as Drexel Sweep, Fondor Escort and so on. If you want to get more rewards or skills, then seize the chance to complete more missions in Legions of Scum and Villainy to make more achievements.

Achievements are divided into several categories

SWTOR achievement is distributed in various categories. Generally speaking, achievements are divided into seven categories. They are companions, flashpoints, legacy, location, operations, PVP and space. Moreover, each category has a different number of achievements. Taking the companion for example, each companion has three achievements to unlock for reaching certain amounts of affection with them. Achievements in PVP are quite helpful to each player as large critical hits or heals can be obtained, a certain number of skills can be got and solo skills and killing blows are achievable, as well. It can be said that all the achievements in different categories are quite useful to each player in the game.

Achievements can be obtained only by completing specific missions

Unlike the drops in the game, you can get it coincidentally while you are crafting in the game. Achievements can only be obtained by doing a specific task. The number of achievements you get depends on the number of missions you completed. Definitely, you can ignore or give up doing missions if you think the achievement isn’t worth obtaining.

Achievement rank has close relation with the Prestige Score

To put it simply, achievement can be also called deeds in this game. There is an achievement rank located above the specific achievements. Usually, the achievement rank is dubbed the “Prestige Score”. Every achievement you ear, no matter the category adds its weight of achievement points to your prestige score which can be seen clearly on the front page of the achievements panel. 

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