Star Wars: the Old Republic will Land Asia

My dear friends, here is a good news for you that swtor credits will land in asia.

Be authorized By Lucas Entertainment Company, the swtor credits that produced by Bioware studio that the development cost over tens of millions of dollars has beyond 1.7 million players during the short one month. Besides, game software also sold more than 2 million copies which have made great progress. Earlier today, the game’s official website release announcement that the game will be played in March of this year 1 part on the nations of the Pacific rim area, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, and surrounding areas can also registered to experience the charm of the online game!

The game in the several areas will developed with the card operation mode, the standard price of the game will for $79.99 price respectively 89.99 New Zealand Yuan / 64.90 / Singapore $389 ($316-472 RMB, the cheapest in Hong Kong, most expensive in New Zealand), digital collection is more expensive. In the bulletin of the website, Bioware said that “world class” online, should let global players have the opportunity to experience.

Come with us to play the swtor credits online game!