Star Wars: The Old Republic : The Race is On!Star Wars: The Old Republic : The Race is On!


The ‘Grand Acquisition Race’, a new in-game event for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is now available on live servers. In this week’s SWTOR column, we’re reporting on our findings and weighing in with our thoughts.

Similarly to the ‘Rakghoul Epidemic’ event, the ‘Grand Acquisition Race’ was introduced to players via an Imperial News Network video report that is cut into by a representative of the Chevin, an ugly, almost elephant-looking species that is well known for unsavory activities. The Chevin representative is looking for capable agents to assist him in the eponymous Grand Acquisition race, a race to acquire a number of rare items. According to the Chevin, those who seek out these items and return them will be rewarded with great riches



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