Star Wars: The Old Republic “Rntity Model is priced at $6000

Recently Sideshow Collectibles announced that they will launch a mobile in accordance with the “entity than listed” make of Swtor credits model sculpture, this model net weight 159 pounds (72 kilograms), high 88 inches (2.2 meters), can say is completely” Darth Magus “clone. From the picture we can see it in a model simulation was quite good. But the price also is quite amazing, $6000. Don’t know, there will be some die-hard fans will consider buying?

About the Star Wars: the old republic “:
Swtor credits is by Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts, namely the EA), a subsidiary of the hundred will (BioWare) make a large multi-user online role-playing games (MMORPG). In the first week of the operation of listed more than 1 million registered players, creating online history paying customers the fastest growth speed record. In the first week of the operation of the game, the player spent more than 28 million hours, created 3.8 million characters, the Jedi and the proportion of the sith evenly split. Listed in the operation of the eight days, there are more than 2 billion NPC was killed. 

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