Star Wars: the old republic reopens the Free Activities without IP Restrictions

If you think the free game time of Star Wars: the old republic is too short or you didn’t catch up with the chance. Don’t worry, this week, we will continue hold on the activity. What’s more there is no game IP limit, the mainland players also can apply for the game, of course, official website is also need to change agent landed. This week’s free game time is from Thursday to the next week!

Bioware revealed that the last weekend free event was a great success, so this week’s activity is the same to last week. Players can experience the initial world all the career and two capital factions. But the existing account cannot take part in the activities, including the registered accounts last time, that means that if you want to join this week’s free game, you need to register a new account.

Hey friends! Grasp the chance to join our game, don’t miss it.