“Star Wars: the Old Republic” Game Features

BioWare chief “Greg Zeschuk” when asked by the media access in the movies, the most spectacular light sabers melee battle, in the Swtor credits online game will be how to present the way, he said the best-picture melee combat style, stunning, incredibly such to present the way if you can accept by players.

Have any questions? In the Star Wars in, luxuriant light saber duel shouldn’t even be a close no brain cut down, through what we design dance design concept input instructions, your character will be cast out very luxuriant as a movie attack mode. Greg Zeschuk so say. Star Wars melee confrontation is like a dance that grace, its powerful attack and light produced by the sword and each lightning flashing, in the visual is kind of aesthetic feeling, in order to reach the target present, and we came up with this kind of like dancing combat, and really look like in the movies to be. Greg Zeschuk and said. “Swtor credits” have not yet have further selling launch date message comes out, so players can begin to imagine that way with dancing games to play “Star Wars: the old republic Online” is about the situation. Of course, we do not exclude you can jump a dozen. 

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