Star Wars: The Old Republic Expand Tries Friends Recruiting Quantity

Now, you can, invite a free account legion 25 people fighting alongside you through their own have already purchased game account. But also there are some free account exist inconvenience in Swtor credits. Including 15 levels can enjoy the game content before, can only access the initial star etc.

Earlier, a purchased account in Star Wars: the old republic “in most can only recruit 3 free demo account to help each other friends destroy republic forces, it will mean a sith warriors only” three help “, and another 22 but has left out in the cold, the friends in order to fight for this only 3 places, bleeding events take place continuously, the serious influence unity friendship. BioWare also know their estimated impact the social harmonious design, so they will be 3 places extended to 25.

Of course, invite operation is also very simple, just need to log in to the official website the individual account, choose “invited” to send email to friends can.

At last, with more friends in a team, you can together to fight against your enemy; enjoy the happy in Swtor credits. Besides, all of you can learn how to cooperate with each other. So that, when you do something in real world, you can do best. 

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