Star Wars OL “will Land in South Korea or Listed in 2013

The news of March 23 in North America and Europe have powerful rallying point on the market the popularity of online Swtor credits “official EA recently announced that South Korea has with several home Internet company negotiations,” Star Wars: the old republic “is expected to formally announced the agent in the near future.

Industry analysts, because once had the EA NHN signed the hammer OL “, although the final no operation, but the two companies already have deep friendship exists, so the game to NHN sign the possibility. But EA aspects and have not given accurate answer, only said they would consider and South Korea between enterprise’s past cooperation to determine the agent. EA said, although the hammer OL “ultimately failed to issue, but with NHN Hangame has established a cooperative relationship between again, is expected to get the game NHN indirect proof authority.

Star Wars: the old republic “from the end of last year open commercial operation, is the movie Star Wars for background made online, in Europe and the 216 server, beyond the fracture of the” 116 servers, and influence.

Also cautious said EA, will look first at the Asian players in Star Wars: the old republic “attitude, to prevent a repeat of the hammer OL” mistakes. To ensure the player in the enthusiasm and box office and on the basis of until it eventually launch the game. South Korea game circles said, “Star Wars: the old republic of Korea has more fans in current BBS, successful probability should be better than the hammer OL of many high.

There are also rumors that comfortably in South Korea TOP3 of online list the FIFA OL2 “contract is about to expire, this kind of online is also made of EA, game likely with Star Wars: the old republic” being packaged to looking for an agent or proxy contract.

If the game can land in South Korea smoothly. You need about six months of Korean localization work, examination and approval and test about Swtor credits, the earliest is expected to launch next year.