Standing On Its Own Two FeetStanding On Its Own Two Feet

Perfect World Entertainment and Runic Games have reached a benchmark date with today’s release of Torchlight 2. We’ve been playing the action-RPG and have a few impressions to share about our first few hours in Torchlight 2. See what we think and then leave your own ideas in the comments.

What makes Torchlight 2 very different from its predecessor is that the game world includes HUGE overland maps. Gone is Torchlight 1’s dungeons only game play. The overland map in TL2 is packed with interesting and exotic places to discover as well as monsters to defeat. There are towns to visit (quest hubs of a sort) and other NPCs sprinkled throughout the map that will give side quests as well. Not only are bad guys roaming the map but so are bosses sprinkled in here and there. It’s a terrific opportunity to gather gear and experience to level up and toughen up your character.

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