Slywyn as the Newest Forum Moderators!

wildstar forums Welcome Freelancer and Slywyn as the Newest Forum Moderators!

I’d like to welcome our first two volunteer moderators, Freelancer and Slywyn! They are both active members who strive to keep the forums a great place for everyone to discuss WildStar and I can’t thank them enough for applying.


I’d like to thank ahamling and Curse for again giving me the opportunity to help provide consistent and thorough MMO gaming coverage. I spent a lot of time in ArenaJunkies separating fact and conjecture for GW2 and WoW, and look to do similar here at WSForums ensuring that our community gets information about Wildstar my favorite way – truthful and without fluff.


I’d just like to say that I’m thankful that you’ve given me the chance to do what I can to help out this community and the people that post within and read it. I just hope that we can all get along, so that we can have a community rather than a buncha kids yelling at each other.

So lets give a hand to Freelancer and Slywyn! As the forums grow we will be recruiting more moderators and even a content manager eventually. Your best bet to becoming a moderator is to be active on the forums. Why don’t we give Freelancer and Slywyn a big WildStar welcome in the comments below!

I feel very honored to have been of service to players want to know more please click Wildstar gold.