Several years later, everything


The president of Blizzard Mike Mo han gave us a surprise at the first day of 2013. He confirmed Blizzard will held Blizzard in 2013 through Twitter.
The carnival is the most important activity in Blizzard and a lot of important news will be announced at the carnival, such as public new game and so on. In 2011, blizzard published the Mist of Pandaria (wow), black soul gen (Diablo 3) movie and Diablo 3 collector edition detail information, Heart of the Swarm and so on. In 2012, the carnival was suspended one year. But it was replaced by the Global ladder tournament holding in Shanghai China. And now, the confirm of 2013 Blizzard carnival makes us have a lot of expectations.

Mike Morhaime:happy new year!!Hope to see you at BlizzCon2013!
After publishing the news, some players asked the carnival location and date, but Mike didn’t give clear answer.
Mike Morhaime: sorry, we still don’t publish the date.
But according to the previous holding date, the carnival is often held between August to October. Meanwhile, for the important news we concern about, we could have a prediction.

For world of warcraft, PTR has gotten on line formally in January in 2012. If there is no accident, 5.2 version will be seen at February to March this year. When in August, maybe 5.3 version will be published or have more surprises.
For Diablo 3, the PVP system will get on line in advance, so in this carnival, we will be possible to see the expansion pack of Diablo 3. Don’t forget in the former financial statements and important speeches, president confirm mentioned the existence of the expansion pack and estimated publish time. But comparing with Diablo 2, the publish time doesn’t make us surprise. If everything goes on well, we maybe see the naming of expansion pack, new scenes or introduction of scenes, some brand new game systems and so on. Anyway, we are looking forward the BlizzCon2013.

Several years later, everything has changed. Deathwing returned and brought tremendous changes. Today’s grim batol has been conquered by nye surrey, evil stage would come back. With accompanied by justice is against. Maybe players who had done twilight highland are familiar with, there is not only bite forces and twilight forces of war, also scarlet dragons and twilight dragons battlefield. The road to the grim batol is a hail of bullets, fire smoke. Look at behind it is a way of dismembered.

I didn’t quit the team and came out copy after finishing the task. 6 years later, I stand on the top of Grim Batol’s gate. The change is big. Twlight clouds ripples in the sky slowly. A crowd of red dragons open wings to fly over the sky. Seeing the road lower, trees at the two sides of road have nearly lost all leaves. When I see to far direction and find the road is slowly extending without end.

Despair again and again, strong and again, fall down again and againl and then climb up. Wow tells us. In recent years, the reality let me lost to the bone. Occasionally, however, pen a little, it is a happy. Sometimes, I just a prodigal, even can’t solve my clothing and food problems. Above the door, the beautiful scenery let me happy, love, azeroth, step by step, shuttle, only more beautiful! And landscape have inherent pursuit, the pursuit of, is always beautiful.