Now i have my job and family

As mentioned of online game, i think not a lot of people have the senior as me–11 years game ages. 11 years ago, the first game i played was delta. The first online game is UO. When i was asked to play the game with my classmate, the sever was closed; the second game was Legend of Mir. My classmate and i played dragon raja, then we were waiting for the inner test of wow;

When i first got on WOW, my first number was tauren hunter, as i thought it was tall and handsome. As i liked control flow, so i chose hunter. After finishing the inner test, thousands of people in tribe and alliance had a big fight. It was so cool. When the public test began, i changed warrior, mage, priest, thief and shaman. I liked to watch game materials , so my operation was very excellent at that time. My PK was on the top of the whole area. I played CS during wow time, but at last, i stayed in wow. The reason made me to leave WOW is the appearance of large- scale copy. A copy often spent over 6 hours. But for me who would graduate from college, i thought it cost a lot of time. In the mid road, i played MU, legend, legacy and Fantasy Westward Journey and so on. Just at yesterday, i saw WOW, my MT cartoon. Tears came out from my eyes and memories in wow came to my mind. They persuaded me to stay in wow, while i still left.

Now i have my job and family, but after seeing MT cartoon, i can’t hold my tears. WOW has taken a deep root in my heart. AH, razor and Stranglethorn Vale…for me who has left wow several years, i can’t hold the friendship any more. I was so confused at that time. I didn’t play a game over 3 months, while i only stayed in wow for 3 years. Here i would like to swear:

1. I will go back to wow. Even if the CWOW is closed down, i will last for the last second.

2. 2. Even if i don’t have enough time to download big copy, i will see the beautiful scenes and find my dream in wow.

Office workers, could you accept an old wow player? Maybe i can’t play a long time , but after going on the line, i will try my best to brush equipment. Meanwhile, i will also make a balance between family and game. I hope someone will accept me or people who has the same thinks to play with me. I will not leave wow any more.

Virgo: human priest in wow (discipline talent)

Explain: perfectionism, modest, reality and nervous, narrow-minded. Picky explain: i can’t kill people, but i can’t bear you bully me, because i am not weak.

Libra: draenei knight (judgement)

Explain: idealism, justice, pursue beauty, indecision, autophilia and performance. Using your justice hammer to make a sentence.

Scorpio: undead warlock in wow (demon+pain)

Explain: mysterious, rational, independent, intuition, suspicious, passionate, extreme and strong desire to monopolize. You are the embodiment of death and protected by Hades.

Sagittarius: Troll Hunter in wow (shooting+existence)

Explain: the hunter likes to be free and take advantage. He is no strategy, careless and loves to performance. But why it is troll? Because he is full of passion and freedom.

Capricornus: Draenei Shaman (enhance+recover)

Superior, reality, reliable, perseverance, optimistic, stubborn, irritable and lonely. I have to say you are hard to be killed.

Aquarius: Gnome Mage in wow (Arcane)

Ideal, friendly, foresight, independent, ingenuity, cruel, disobey and timid. He is deserved to be the protector of Athena. Dwarf is very clever. 

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