NBA 2K17: Free VC & Items And New 2KTV Answers

For NBA 2K17 fans, fortunately, it’s worth to glad that they can enjoy a lot of treat. By getting NBA 2K17 locker codes,and players can acquire exclusive access to new content and items. At the same time, players can experience gameplay smoothly with the help of NBA 2K17 MT.


Fans will be aware that locker codes are codes used to unlock different items in various iterations of the games. These can provide in-game currencies to buy other items, or even get various packages. Players will have access to various animations and shooting packages with the right kinds of codes.

NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: Get Bigger and Better

YouTube user GamingWithOva is currently providing NBA 2K17 locker codes for fans to use and get exclusive items. However, fans have to subscribe to his channel first in order to get the free codes. He distributes the codes every week, which means players have to stay tuned for better codes. Players who also want to get an exclusive Gary Payton MyTeam Card will have to stay tuned for the next few weeks. Beware of fake sites, for more latest news and you can head over to:

GamingWithOva has provided answers for the NBA 2KTV segment directly on the game itself. Players can answer the questions on the 2K17 app to redeem their codes.

What pick and roll defense is this
Ice, Hard Edge

Where did Julius Randle play in college

Which house rule for Play Now do you like the best
Any answer

In which game mode do you like to use the Lakers or their players
Any answer

Dew NBA 3x is a special event for which mode

Which historic team in NBA 2K17 has Larry Nance Sr. on its roster
’89-90’s Cavs

Which Hall of Player player did 2KTV interview at Dew NBA 3x
Gary Payton