Making Star Wars Love Connections in the 501st Legion

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is here again. Aside from the irrational fear we might one day accidentally kiss our sister, Star Wars fans are full of romance just like anyone else! In fact, we’re coming into a golden age for fans. A love of Star Wars crosses every demographic boundary and thanks to powerful female characters in the saga, more and more women are proudly displaying their inner Jedi. As a result, it’s no surprise that fan clubs are becoming the new melting pot where eligible singles meet and make a love connection!

When the 501st Legion began fifteen years ago, its mission was ostensibly to be a social club. My thinking was a community where any member could attend any convention and feel like they had like-minded costumers with whom they could build friendships. Color me surprised that almost immediately it also became a wonderful place for people to meet their soul mate! Same for the Rebel Legion! And don’t get me started about Rebels dating Imperials. I see it every day and somehow it works. Light side, dark side, someone’s buying someone flowers.

I get letters and emails all the time from members of the Legion telling me how they met and got married. I’d say there are now enough stories to fill a season of The Love Boat. Maybe I could pitch a show called “Love Star Destroyer?” Okay, maybe not. I don’t think the words “love” and “destroyer” together conjure up anything warm or fuzzy.

Danielle Feezle met her husband through the Ohio Garrison. They met at the Episode III premiere, became friends and started hanging out at “troops” (Legion events in costume). In June of 2006 the COSI science museum hosted the traveling Smithsonian exhibit, which meant three long days of everyone trooping together. After three full days of seeing each other in costume they began to see each other a little differently. Less than a year later they were married and now have two little girls of their own. They’re still very active in the Ohio Garrison and loving a life of costuming together.


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